Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas truce.

Pictures from the play Christmas Truce based on real events at Christmas 1914 when the soldiers in the trenches played football against each other.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


There are a number of things as I'm sure you are aware that everybody thinks they can do!! 
Not only do as it seems but do better than the people that are paid to do it or that are professional at it.
So for example, bus driving, radio presenting, Grand Prix driving, judging criminal cases, acting, flying a plane, parking, boxing, singing and oh yes whistling!!

Which brings me to The 487 Factor!! The whistling out of tune seasonal tunes whilst driving a bus!! I have to be grateful of course that he could drive the bus properly and whistle extremely badly and not the other way round. 
So if you get on your bus to the strains of an out of key 'White Christmas' emanating from the drivers lips make sure you put your headphones on and settle for a smooth ride!! 
That of course serves two purposes as well..... You won't be able to hear the nutter that will more than likely sit next to you in the course of the journey. That of course is another story!!


Got to love this pic from Liverpool One whilst the Anne Summers shop was closed to redress the window.......

Sunday, 13 December 2015

What a good idea a poetry book for Chrimbo!!

There are still some copies left of Nicki's book - 
Secret Verse of a 21st Century Menopausal Lady available at a reduced Advent price of £7.50 inclusive of delivery to any UK address. 

Just contact me here to arrange delivery and Paypal payment. (please put PP in subject line)

This is a very seasonal poem that is in the book, unless of course you have mince pies all year!!